Ways to Earn Free Bitcoin

Bitcoins and other cryptocurrency options are becoming more popular. Choosing credible programs and websites ensure that you get paid by performing simple tasks. Aside from simple tasks, there are also complex ways of earning Bitcoins. If you want to know the different methods for earning Bitcoins, then this article will discuss various ways to earn Free Bitcoin. Below are ways for you to earn free Bitcoin.

Earn Bitcoins from Faucets

Faucets are an easy way of earning Bitcoins since they are rewarding systems that can be accessed through mobile applications and websites. The words are dispensed in the form of Satoshi which is a hundredth of a millionth BTC. Once you complete a task on the specified site, you get rewarded in the form of Bitcoin fractions.

You can also complete tasks to get rewarded using alternate cryptocurrency options. The task you complete in order to get rewarded include;
• Clicking on ads
• Solving catpchas
• Watching videos
• Playing games

For a little bit of BTC, you can watch videos on YouTube or play a wide variety of games. Even though this should not be taken as a means of income, you get to pass the time, doing something fun and entertaining for Bitcoin tokens in exchange.

There is a wide variety of faucets to choose from, ensure you search the internet for credible faucets that pay. Consider going for popular Bitcoin faucets that have already built a reputation. Remember that this way of earning Bitcoin is only doable if you have free time in your hands. Individuals with hectic, full-time jobs are unlikely to get time to participate in faucet tasks. To earn more Bitcoins, consider playing more frequently.

Even though the tokens are tiny Bitcoin fractions, they are valuable once they are converted to fiat currency. You are going to need a Bitcoin wallet that is either cloud-based or standalone-based to store the Bitcoins you get awarded. There are several digital wallet platforms you can sign up to to get your personalized wallet.

When you opt to play games, go for faucets that feature bonuses when you roll a prime number. For redirects, load longer pages as these tend to pay more. As a frequent game player, you also get to double your pay thanks to loyalty bonuses. You can read online reviews to determine the right faucet to sign up to. If you are one to enjoy gambling during your free time, you’ll have a fun time leveraging faucet tasks and games to earn Bitcoins.

Ensure you refer friends to the faucet site you are using so that you earn free Bitcoins without needing to log in. The automated payment system ensures your Bitcoin tokens are wired to your account within hours of you completing a task. The system shows you your balance, so you know if you are in a position to withdraw your rewards or not.

Faucet sites also feature optional short links that allow you to earn more Bitcoin. You register with your email address that links to your digital wallet. The tokens are withdrawn to faucet hub and working with a straightforward faucet gives you an easy time navigating.

Earn Bitcoin by Completing Tasks on Online Job Sites

Taking tasks from online job sites allows you to earn Bitcoins without investing. All you need is a strong internet connection to complete the tasks. Online job sites that offer Bitcoin tokens are easy to join, and digital currencies serve the same purpose as fiat currencies. Once you complete a job, the automated payment system deposits a specific amount of bitcoin in your account. Just as in the case of faucets, you’ll need a digital wallet to store the Bitcoins you earn.

Earning Bitcoins by completing tasks on online job websites helps you to move forward to cashless transaction methods without putting in initial investment. With a unique BTC address and the automated payment systems, you can easily withdraw your rewards once they get to a specified withdrawable amount. Besides, none of your personal information will be collected when you register with your email address.

Go for websites that update new and interesting content, so you have a fun time completing the tasks. These sites allow you to earn Bitcoins anytime and anywhere. Accepting Bitcoins as a means of payment also gives you the opportunity to learn more about cryptocurrency.

Earn Bitcoins from Mining

Bitcoin mining is the generation of new Bitcoins using the appropriate software and hardware. This is a complex and time-consuming process that requires you have a strong internet connection and the right amount of electricity supply. Mining results in more Bitcoin transactions being added to the blockchain.

When you mine, you are basically searching for the latest Bitcoin transactions recorded. When you find the latest block, whose value changes through time and reduces by the factor of 0.5 every four years, you receive a given number of Bitcoins. This is an intense hardware process that tends to be expensive. Before you decide that you want to earn Bitcoins from mining, consider conducting a cost to benefit analyses to determine if you’ll profit or run losses. Some of the factors you should look into include;
• Hardware and software
• Electricity
• Bitcoin difficulty
• Bitcoin value; influences profitability

Once you make your calculations, you will be able to tell if Bitcoin mining is for you or not. Aside from mining Bitcoins as an independent entity, you can join a Bitcoin mining tool, so you don’t have to worry about catering getting for electricity and all necessary software. Individuals in a Bitcoin mining pull share a mining farm that accommodates a large group. You also enjoy the sense of community that comes with this and learn about cryptocurrency from like-minded individuals.

Bitcoin mining for profit is very competitive, and the volatility in the Bitcoin price makes it even more challenging. Since it involves solving complex math problems in exchange for Bitcoins, you need to ensure you are up to the task. Another option you can use to earn Bitcoins through this method is purchasing a mining contract. This allows you to mine with a fixed amount of power without running actual mining hardware.

With fast mining hardware, you get to earn more Bitcoins since you can achieve more tries per second. The Bitcoin network adjusts itself every two weeks to ensure every transaction is secured. Besides, all transactions are recorded to the Bitcoin public ledger to guarantee accountability and transparency.

When you are mining Bitcoins, you are running cryptographic hashing functions using top-notch software and hardware. With cloud mining contracts, you achieve exceptional connectivity that allows you to get all updates as they come in. Unlike fiat currency where the central government decides where the currency is printed before it is distributed, with cryptocurrency, special software is used to solve complex math problems in exchange for Bitcoins.

All in all, even though earning Bitcoins from mining is much more beneficial than most methods out there, it also involves more risk and is more large scale. One needs to be completely sure they are up to the task before opting for this option. The good news though is that math problems and the challenge they offer provides an incentive for more people to mine.

Earn Bitcoin from Bounty Programs
Aside from mining, you can also earn Bitcoins from bounty programs. This is an easy way of making money by promoting and talking about a specified business on social media platforms. Sharing and liking content on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms allow you get paid back in Bitcoin tokens.

You get to directly engage the brand in question directly through AI. Bounty programs can be accessed through mobile applications and online ads. You can cash the rewards when the tokens hit the exchange amount. You get to earn Bitcoins by performing simple tasks on different social networks.

For most bounty programs, you will need to fulfill simple mandatory requirements before you
can participate. First off, register to the given website and then subscribe to their social media pages. Most common platforms to subscribe to include Telegram channels, Facebook pages and Twitter handles.

Once this is done, you can attach referral links to get the word out. Liking and reposting content from different platforms earns you Bitcoin rewards. For platforms like Facebook and Twitter, ensure your post is open so that more people can share it. In case you have a website, you can also review companies that have a bounty campaign, so you earn Bitcoins.


Bitcoin is a digital currency that performs the same functions as fiat currency. There are multi ways of earning free Bitcoin you can choose from to advance towards cashless transaction methods.